Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Fans

Should this be the price of fame?

1 – Jodie Foster


Professional prankster Vitalii Sediuk has an unpleasant reputation for harassing and physically accosting celebrities on the red carpet and at events, and he’s recently been at it again. Earlier this month, model Gigi Hadid was grabbed from behind by Sediuk and lifted up off the floor. And just a couple of days ago he tried to plant a kiss on Kim Kardashian’s bodacious butt.
Although altercations initiated by Sediuk are relatively benign, some famous people have experienced much scarier, more dangerous encounters. Here are 10 female celebrities who have been stalked by fans.
After watching the 1976 movie Taxi Driver over and over, in which the main character attempts to assassinate a political figure and save a young prostitute, played by Jodie, John Hinckley Jr. became obsessed with the actress. Four years later, he enrolled in her college and followed her around campus, spoke with her at least twice, and finally decided to assassinate the U.S. President in order to impress her. His attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life failed, and Hinckley was sentenced to treatment in a psychiatric hospital. He was released in July of this year, which is absolutely terrifying to Jodie.