10 Celebrity Twins You Never Knew

Did they swap roles?

1 – Scarlett Johansson


Who hasn’t heard of Mary-Kate and Ashley, the ‘Olsen Twins’ who took turns portraying little “Michelle” on the hit sitcom Full House? You may be surprised to learn that some of the famous celebrities you see regularly under the spotlight light have a lesser-known twin sibling hiding off-stage. Here are ten celebrities who have a twin sibling.
Scarlett Johansson. Twin brother: Hunter Johansson.
DOB: 22/11/84
Movie-goers around the globe recognize Scarlett Johansson for her award-winning performances and on-screen sex appeal. Her younger-brother-by-3-minutes, Hunter, dipped his baby toe into acting in the 90’s but seems to have found his forte in fund-raising and politics, including doing work as campaign organizer for president Obama.